Conference 2011

Conference 2011

FISS 2011 Conference

Eighteenth International Research Seminar on ‘Issues in Social Security’ :

Growth, Social Protection and Inequality

Sigtuna, Sweden, 8-10 June 2011

The 2011 seminar will be devoted on the interplay between economic, growth, social  protection and (changes in) inequalities. FISS is particularly interested in the interrelation  between growth and employment, new social policies and social security,  inequalities and poverty. Despite growth of average income and of employment in many countries and despite new policies that are focused on investment and addressing equalities, inequality and poverty have not declined substantially. What does this imply about the changing role of social security? Under what conditions do the poor benefit from growth of income and jobs and can best practices be discerned? Are economic growth and employment the most important determinants of poverty and inequality and what is the role of social redistribution, activation policies and social security?

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

  • Lane Kenworthy (Professor of Sociology and Political Sciende – University of Arizona
  • Wiemer Salverda (Director of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies & Coordinator of the international research project Growing Inequalities’ Impact
  • Martin Ravallion (Director of the Development Research Group of the World Ban
  • Frank Vandenbroucke (Professor of Social and Economic Analysis and a.o. former Belgian Minister of Social Affairs & Pensions)